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Jenny Barber

Early Years Trainer, Consultant and Author

Email:  [email protected]​

Phone: 07939 544335


Benefits of the training videos

  • Once purchased they can be viewed as many times as you like by different staff
  • Can be incorporated into your induction
  • Can be used for targeted professional development
  • Good for stimulating staff meeting discussions
  • Ideal for refreshing practice
  • Easy to follow and understand
  • Come with handouts and practical reflective tasks
  • Sent via a link
  • Easy to view on a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop

Each video is £45 and lasts approximately 30 minutes and can be used as many times as you like within your organisation. There are supporting handouts and tasks to complete after the video has been viewed.

The price reduces to £40 if you purchase 4 or more videos.

The price reduces to £35 if you purchase 7 or more videos

Purchase 9 videos and get the 10th video free £315

Purchase all 12 videos for £350

Writing Quality Observations

• What is a quality observation.

• Why we observe

• What our observations can tell us

• Writing a quality observation

Teaching and Learning

• How children learn

• What is quality teaching

• How we can effectively support learning and extend

• Examples of where teaching has been effective in supporting learning


• What is behaviour

• Reasons why children behave in different ways

• Development and behaviour

• Promoting positive behaviour

Supporting Language and Communication

• How children acquire language.

• How we can support their language through different types of talk.

• Effective use of questions

• Development and language

Working with Two Year Olds

• Key aspects of development for 2 year olds

• Effective provision

• 2 year olds and behaviour

• Role of the adult supporting development and learning

Introduction to Child Development

• Importance of child development

• Areas of development

• Influences on development

• How we support children’s developmental progress.

Characteristics of Effective Learning

• Exploring the 3 characteristics

• How they can be seen in practice

• Reflecting the characteristics in the environment

• Reflecting on the adult role

Effective Communication with Adults including Parents

• 6 steps of communication

• Being a sender and a receiver

• Handling difficult conversations

• Assertiveness

Supervision and Appraisal

• The cycle of supervision and appraisal

• The tools of effective supervision and appraisal

• Clear target setting

• Reviewing the process

How a Team Works

• Essentials for an effective early years team

• Stages of team development

• Supporting and developing the team

• Leading the team

Working with Babies

• Attachment theory

Role of the key care

Settling Babies

Social and Emotional Development

  • Supporting children's social and emotional development
  • Theories
  • The role of the adult

If there is another subject you would like a training video on which isn’t listed, please ask and if I can and think it will work I will!